No story book ending for this fairy tale (tearfilledsighs) wrote in thisgirlstears,
No story book ending for this fairy tale

heather!!! im so super stoked. i cant wait for you to visit. *biiiig grin*
you said you wanted to lose weight before you came...
lets diet together.

and have this be a diet/bestfriends community again cause that was fun.

love love love you!
and miss you..

i told everyone about your fart impersonations today..
they all looked at me like i was gay.
and i was just like um. ok so she does it better....
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O my we totally should.
I have sad news though.
I won't be able to make your grad party.
Cause my summer break is different then i had hoped.
But i will be there July 2nd through the 12th.
So i'll leave on my birthday and we can soooo party that night playa.
Haha If my work doesn't give me the time off i will quite before i leave.
So get ready for 10 days of extreme heather bunn sexness cause i'm coming for you fool.

Deleted comment

no actually snapfish just stoped working
but thanks for your imput.