Heather (shatterd_dreams) wrote in thisgirlstears,

I really miss you to Shannon. Theirs times when i need to talk to my best girl pal. It's just i'm always online late at night. And you go to bed early haha. Will talk soon though. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone last weekend though. Maybe if your on tonight we can chat. But soon i'll be around all the time til the point where you wish i wasn't their haha. I love you girlly
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March 15 2003, 18:10:44 UTC 15 years ago

Damm You fine
haaa. thats funny...
ooooo yeah *tsssss* heathers a hottie

i wouldnt get sick of you. definatley not cause i heart my homie. and im bragging to everyone on how i get to see YOUUUUU spring break. like what. im essited.. we still on for girls night at your dads?? bon bons, and girl talk.. and sad movies. ill start staying up a little later to talk to you online.. tomarrow at 10pm. be there or be square?