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[09 May 2005|05:25pm]

LayedAtYourFeet: like what is it about me that drives anyone away
LayedAtYourFeet: why can't just be normal
LayedAtYourFeet: why am i so fucking sensative
LayedAtYourFeet: why i can't i stop being like this
LayedAtYourFeet: i hate my personality
xtyhcyex: i dont know heather... i know for a fact that you are fucking amazing to ME, and plenty of other people
xtyhcyex: your sensitive cause of your upbringing.. and theres nothing to do about it
LayedAtYourFeet: yeah tj
xtyhcyex: it all draws back to insecurities... you need to address them in a positive way
xtyhcyex: but its not a bad thing to be sensitive
LayedAtYourFeet: other then the fact that my sensativity, clingyness, and insecurties have ruined every relationship i've had
LayedAtYourFeet: not to mention my insane jealousy issues
xtyhcyex: yea i got those too... its hard as fuck
LayedAtYourFeet: i just wish i wasen't the way i was
xtyhcyex: yea
LayedAtYourFeet: TJ all i've ever wanted in life is to be loved
xtyhcyex: yea
xtyhcyex: i think that makes you sort of vulnarable
xtyhcyex: love yourself, and dont worry about outside love
LayedAtYourFeet: i know but i grew up seeking love and never getting back, trying to make everyone happy but getting beaten down for it in the end
xtyhcyex: yea, i know .. and thats why your wired the way you are... but you can change it
LayedAtYourFeet: i think it's why....actually i know it's why i am the way i am
xtyhcyex: if you try hard enough
LayedAtYourFeet: i've been trying since andy to change it
xtyhcyex: yea
LayedAtYourFeet: i mean
xtyhcyex: youve gotten better
LayedAtYourFeet: in a way i feel i've gotten better
xtyhcyex: i can notice it
LayedAtYourFeet: yeah but it's still not good enough
LayedAtYourFeet: i'm about to ruin a really friendship because of it
LayedAtYourFeet: cause i can't straighten up
xtyhcyex: eep
xtyhcyex: with shane
LayedAtYourFeet: yeah
xtyhcyex: than just stop... either that or hide it
LayedAtYourFeet: i can't hide
xtyhcyex: untill you can help it
LayedAtYourFeet: it
LayedAtYourFeet: like the kid knows me so well
LayedAtYourFeet: and even that fuck knowing me well tj
LayedAtYourFeet: i'm the easiest person to read
xtyhcyex: yrs
xtyhcyex: yes
xtyhcyex: i gatta jet though hun im sorry.
xtyhcyex: can i call you tonight??
LayedAtYourFeet: it's fine
LayedAtYourFeet: yeah
LayedAtYourFeet: i'd love to talk to you
xtyhcyex: alright its a date... i promise
xtyhcyex: alright you will.... ttyl
xtyhcyex: bye
LayedAtYourFeet: your always my best adviser
LayedAtYourFeet: bye

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[15 Mar 2004|06:29pm]

heather!!! im so super stoked. i cant wait for you to visit. *biiiig grin*
you said you wanted to lose weight before you came...
lets diet together.

and have this be a diet/bestfriends community again cause that was fun.

love love love you!
and miss you..

i told everyone about your fart impersonations today..
they all looked at me like i was gay.
and i was just like um. ok so she does it better....

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[13 Jan 2004|12:08pm]

im making a new rap cd for my bday party for us....

the usual hot songs will be on it..

get low
shake ya tail feathers
like whoa

but what else

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[15 Mar 2003|05:45pm]

I really miss you to Shannon. Theirs times when i need to talk to my best girl pal. It's just i'm always online late at night. And you go to bed early haha. Will talk soon though. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone last weekend though. Maybe if your on tonight we can chat. But soon i'll be around all the time til the point where you wish i wasn't their haha. I love you girlly

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[15 Mar 2003|05:43pm]

Heather, i miss you *sad face* we never get to talk any more..

*stomps feet*

im working our IRREVERANT shirts this week. WOOP.

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Day 1 of "the diet" [13 Jan 2003|06:42am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

current weight-139
height- 5'1 ish
short term goal-130
long term goal-115

1 an apple
4 baby carrots

a little bag full of baked tostitos
mixed in with these wierd veggie chips i got..
pretty good

1 Piece of chicken and some veggies...

what was the bread i had to get again? rice bread? i think i might be wrong cause i went to krogers and the people said they never heard of it.. :/

good luck homie on your diet! ill be rootin for ya

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[19 Dec 2002|11:35pm]

*frown* I miss talking to you.

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oh yes.... [01 Dec 2002|04:44pm]

for my birthday...
i would like a heather.

but if you cant find one of those...
that my ruin baby-T at hot topic looks mighty tempting..lmao
last time i checked it was 15 i think. *shrugs sholders* maybe im wrong...

hm..and i too never drempt that i would find my luva, and my best friend 4 states away. but its grand, i should add

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[20 Nov 2002|04:03pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Ive said it before, and ill say it again. no i did not set that up. do you honestly think me to be that bad of a person? i would hope not. and as you would know if you read my livejournal. i ALWAYS type "i made another private entry" whenever i make a private entry. its not a new thing dear. i didnt do it to lour tj in. i did it becuae its a habbit. and because livejournal said my password was changed.

today has been the absolute worst day of my life. tj brought up the jon thing, and you did too. that was 3 weeks into the relationship. i apologized, and realized what i did. and now i hate jon. other than that. tj has NO reason to not trust me. i have been completley and utterly fateful to him. knowing that he reads my private journal upsets me beyond belief. I have lost my trust in him as of right now. but trust is not something that is lost forever. no it is something that in time can be gained back.

the stuff about jenn botherd me. which is why i vent about it in my PRIVATE journal. i was over it. i thought everything was fine. till i read lj this morning. i was furriated.

and you thinking that i set this up?
you should know me better than that.
i would never go out of my way to cause a fight.
especially with the 2 people who mean the most to me in this world.

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Help you. [23 Dec 2002|12:25am]

Here Shan. Here's some very valid stuff that i think you should know. So please read your heart out hun. And i hope this helps you.

GonebytoFast: Hmmm i'm a beautiful person
GonebytoFast: inside and out
GonebytoFast: how's that haha
ElementOfOne8x7: i know you are
ElementOfOne8x7: thats good
ElementOfOne8x7: teach shannon
GonebytoFast: i will
GonebytoFast: Tj i'm dying
ElementOfOne8x7: so that maybe i can look at her and not have her say something that totally ruins everything.
GonebytoFast: I think i've done that to andy before
ElementOfOne8x7: what?
GonebytoFast: he look was rubbing my stomach and i said don't rub my fat
ElementOfOne8x7: dont do that
ElementOfOne8x7: it ruins everything
GonebytoFast: hahaha omg
ElementOfOne8x7: what?
GonebytoFast: it just occured to me maybe i'll tell shannon this
GonebytoFast: If you and andy thought either one of us were fat or gross or ugly
ElementOfOne8x7: tell her what?
GonebytoFast: you would not be with us
GonebytoFast: right?
ElementOfOne8x7: if i didnt want to look at her body, i wouldnt.. if i didnt want to touch it i wouldnt
ElementOfOne8x7: lol
GonebytoFast: yeah
ElementOfOne8x7: seriously
ElementOfOne8x7: finsally one of you gets it
ElementOfOne8x7: i love everything about shannon, and just becuz she doenst she has to ruin it for me
GonebytoFast: yeah
ElementOfOne8x7: im trying to get her to see what I see in her
ElementOfOne8x7: but thers really no use
GonebytoFast: i've never really thought about that
GonebytoFast: ruining it for andy
GonebytoFast: now i feel bad
ElementOfOne8x7: you will im telling you
ElementOfOne8x7: you dont know how many times shannons completely ruined a good mood by saying that kind of stuff
GonebytoFast: to many to count on one finger i suppose
ElementOfOne8x7: yea
GonebytoFast: i mean one hand
ElementOfOne8x7: "wow hun your beautiful".. "shut up no im not, im fat"
ElementOfOne8x7: thats when i get pissed off right there
GonebytoFast: hahaha
ElementOfOne8x7: seriously
GonebytoFast: yeah i know
ElementOfOne8x7: its fuckin irratating
GonebytoFast: it just sounds funny
GonebytoFast: but yeah
GonebytoFast: i'm really feeling stupid right about now
ElementOfOne8x7: am i aloud to tell my girlfriend i think shes beautiful without being called a liar
GonebytoFast: yes
ElementOfOne8x7: ::raises glass:: finally someone sees the light
GonebytoFast: When you see andy tomorrow
ElementOfOne8x7: your a smart one
GonebytoFast: And please don't forget
GonebytoFast: Tell him i'm sorry
GonebytoFast: i don't know i just always figured putting myself down was only affecting me

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gr gr GR [22 Oct 2002|05:15pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

god i really hate michelle! with her flirtatious ways with tj, with her all up on him, with her "longing eyes" meeting with his.. shes mad at alicia and lisa for "kicking he rout of the lunch table" but shes nto mad at tj. oh no...even though hes the one sitting in her seat! she came up to him today to talk t ohim.. and then said "oh i shouldnt get too close to you, dont want yuor girlfriend getting upset or her "body guard" (alicia) she needs to shut the fuck up cause shes a retard. i oughta bust her in her ass...

and then tj tells me all this.. and says he responded with " i didnt know anyhting about that " i say.. "yes, you do" and says... "well its not my fight and to be honest.. i could really care less..."


that really pissed me off

this journal was a good idea heather. you rock hardcore

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*gasp* [19 Oct 2002|01:29pm]

and finally
the community is made

this was a grand idea heather *smile*

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