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gr gr GR

god i really hate michelle! with her flirtatious ways with tj, with her all up on him, with her "longing eyes" meeting with his.. shes mad at alicia and lisa for "kicking he rout of the lunch table" but shes nto mad at tj. oh no...even though hes the one sitting in her seat! she came up to him today to talk t ohim.. and then said "oh i shouldnt get too close to you, dont want yuor girlfriend getting upset or her "body guard" (alicia) she needs to shut the fuck up cause shes a retard. i oughta bust her in her ass...

and then tj tells me all this.. and says he responded with " i didnt know anyhting about that " i say.. "yes, you do" and says... "well its not my fight and to be honest.. i could really care less..."


that really pissed me off

this journal was a good idea heather. you rock hardcore
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